While there is still cardamom,
while there are yet eggs cooling for the dog,
while there is coffee through the percolator,
inhale deeply. Ingest. Breathe joy.
Call the family to table together,
say your grace, hold fast to that which is good.

The shadows are lengthening.
Narrow men are tapping for his due
who shouts alone to the dark in darkened rooms,
growls before dawn, unable to feel loved.
Be alert for the holy unfinished:
plant your feet, stand where you have always stood.

While there are still cardinals,
while the grocer still forces yellow tulips,
while there is fresh grass and the earthiness
of geraniums, go ahead, live.
Return to no one evil for evil,
love the sun, bed the world in moss and truth.

The cheats are licking their lips.
They move fast and never look back, never.
They want you separated and asking Please.
You should say no. Refuse.
Leave room for the wrath, say what is right,
but don’t tell it scant: make it absolute.

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