A couple members of the congregation and I visited an intergenerational worship service this past Sunday. It kicked off late in the afternoon with a Bible story (Jesus calling Simon Peter to fish for men), then proceeded through some activities and dinner before wrapping up with a second telling of the story, a prayer, and a song.

The pastor introduced the prayer to the children as having three parts:

  • I’m sorry, God
  • Thank you, God
  • Please, God

She asked the children (and adults) to share something for each part. When we got to “Thank you, God” she let the visitors know that the tradition in this service is to begin by giving thanks for tacos. That’s one of their favorite dinners, and acknowledging as much helps keep the kids focused.

The pastor was going to breeze right past this, but I couldn’t help raising my hand.

“Excuse me,” I said. “Excuse me, I’m sorry.”

“Yes, what would you like to share?” she asked, in exactly the same tone one would use with a five-year-old. (It is the only appropriate tone for me.)

“Well,” I said. “I just want to say that my dog’s name is Taco, and even though we don’t eat him for dinner, we are very grateful for him.”

The kids exploded with laughter. A dog named Taco! They were very pleased to hear about this. There were a lot of dog-themed prayers that night, the pastor noted drily.

But it is Taco Tuesday, and we are very grateful to have him.

Taco Tuesday

Even when things get dark in life, there’s something about the warm, loving gaze of a beagle that brings you right back. Thank you God, for Taco.

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