frozen ice at Lakeside Park

So there are these things called ice shoves, which are more exactly what they sound like than you might think: wind or current shoves a sheet of ice off a lake or ocean up on shore. This is a thing that 100% actually occurs, and hilariously, the illustration from Wikipedia comes from our own Lake Winnebago.

In fact, we had perfect conditions for massive ice shoves this week: warm weather loosening up the ice on the lake, followed by a windy cold front blowing it up against land. The results were spectacular (watch the video, no seriously, watch the video).

Jen had the bright idea that we should go check out the shoves after a hearty breakfast, which could be a photo essay all of its own. But check it out we did, driving over to Fond du Lac’s Lakeside Park and walking the shoreline for half an hour. You can see the results of our investigation below.

Ice Shove on frozen Lake Winnebago

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