About A Pastor's Notebook

I’m mostly a pastor and writer (see below), but generally I’m a harmless crank. I bake bread sometimes. I make funny pictures and animated gifs. I get excited by seeing bluebirds.

I have a wife, a son, three cats who love me when I open the Magic Food Bin, and a beagle who thinks it’s just super when we go for a ride in the car car. I love them all.

About My Twitter Feed

  1. You have been warned.
  2. I write at least sometimes for Religion Dispatches, the Christian Century and here at my own blog. Sometimes I write at other places, but it’s been a while.
  3. I wrote a book once. It didn’t do very well. Go buy a copy and make my publisher happy.
  4. I swear. A lot. I do not apologize for this.
  5. I like cookies. A lot. Also, beer. No, no apologies for this, either.
  6. In fact, I proactively offer up no apologies for any topics covered on my Twitter feed or in my blog. I do, however, sometimes say stupid things. Sorry.
  7. The opinions stated on my Twitter feed or in any of my writing are mine alone. Don’t you blame anybody else for that crap. They do not represent the views of any of my employers, or the members of any church I happen to be serving. If you think you can make a successful complaint to the IRS about any of the things I say, you are an idiot. Same goes for trying to get me in trouble with the members of my congregation.
  8. Do I even have to explain the retweets things? Don’t be an idiot.
  9. You have been warned.

About the blog

Way back in the dark ages—before Blogspot existed, and while “Friends” was still on the air—I used to send out a weekly essay by email called “A Pastor’s Notebook.” It was mostly stories about my life or ministry, with the occasional bit of humor, theological reflection, or commentary on punk rock thrown in for good measure.

About 2003, after the start of the war in Iraq, my interests turn a sharp turn to the political. I set the Notebook aside and started writing elsewhere. First it was at Daily Kos, and then I started the first dKos spin-off, Street Prophets, dedicated to the intersection of religion and politics. From there it was off to Religion Dispatches and some magazine writing. I wrote a book somewhere in there, too. You should totally buy a copy.

Eventually, I more or less dropped the religion and politics thread from this blog, though I still have something to say every once in a while. Mostly, that stuff is over at Religion Dispatches, which you should totally read.

Anyway, I eventually brought back the Notebook for personal writing and some church commentary. Recently, it’s mostly been sermons, some liturgy, some recipes. Don’t judge. I’ve been busy. I plan to start writing here again someday, though. Hope springs eternal.


You may reprint anything written by me on this site for non-commercial purposes, unless otherwise specified. Please don’t try to pass it off as your own. If by some chance you’re including it in a newsletter or church publication, please let me know so I can check it out.


I'm supposed to tell you that I do use Google Analyics, which does use cookies to get information on you, the visitor. Trust me, I'm not up to anything nefarious here, mostly. You can read more about this at the Google Analytics privacy page.
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