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I don't know how to say this, except plainly. We're in trouble. It's not even that man: it's his administration, and his cronies, and his movement, and the irresponsible power-happy conservative establishment that's all too happy to enable the shitshow. It is, most of all, the constant temptation to forget our own human dignity. We need confidence, and an understanding of what we can do with the power that we have. We need imagination, courage, and reassurance. We need above all else an irresponsible hope, a joy like an avenging fire capable of laying waste to all that confronts it, and a peace that passes understanding. Somebody's got to articulate this. I've got a few things planned for that job:
  1. A multi-part series on the role of the church and individual believers (or non-) in the new age.
  2. More writing on Mary and other saints.
  3. Exploration of scripture and theology.
  4. Commentary on the intersection of religion and politics, published here and elsewhere.
  5. Prayers, nuttery, and inappropriate humor.
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